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Creative film studio, Three Bow Ties was built on the love of capturing little stolen moments through the focus of a lens.

Creative film studio, Three Bow Ties was built on the love of capturing little stolen moments through the focus of a lens. Our passion is to create and share an unforgettable story that has been woven together with beautifully shot images and captivating soundtracks.

Our aspiration is to work with like-minded souls who share the same philosophy that Three Bow Ties holds’ dear – the unwavering love to capture cherished moments, to have and to hold, for life

OUR Story

Matt’s creative story begins with his parents – who taught him that you not only have to work hard, but also find time to celebrate all the special moments in life. Growing up in a large family, Matt’s childhood memories are filled with family gatherings where the kids were running around while the parents captured those exact moments through the focus of a lens.


Bringing his roots from his past to his present, Matt’s love of creating and sharing moments is built from flicking back through family albums or watching the many celebrations on the old school VHS tapes, that always brings a smile to his face.


It wasn’t until his wedding day that these roots began to grow. He was watching the videographers capture this special moment in his life that ignited his passion for wanting to play a key role in sharing these moments with others.


Having worked in the industry for the past 5 years with some of Sydney’s elite creative studios, Matt decided to branch out on his own and set-up his own Creative Studio – Three Bow Ties. Matt, together with his business partner, Adrian share the same passion for helping other couples capture their unforgettable stories.


Adrian’s start was unconventional, he always had a keen eye for detail and a love of engaging people. Approached with an opportunity to film a close friends’ engagement and wedding which started his journey and discovery of the amazing industry we work in. Working his way into a key cinematographer for a well established studio prompted him to push his own creative boundaries and his shared vision with Matt for Three Bow Ties.


At Three Bow Ties, we understand that we all have a story to tell, and capturing those fun and special moments in time is what our team hopes to do – so you in turn can share them with your loved ones!

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